Moy Tung Muk Yan Jong

Saturday, April 24, there will be a Moy Tung Muk Yan Jong Workshop, in Richmond, Va and on Zoom. If you are a Moy Tung-lineage student and have been opened to the Jong, you are eligible to attend.*

Get 6 hours of training, and priceless information to apply to it. Whatever your level of Jong training, there will be stuff for you to work on. Keep in mind, the more familiar you are with the sequence of a Jong form section, the better you will be able to understand details and applications that are taught in this workshop.

April 24

  • 10a-12p: Forms
  • 12-1p: Break
  • 1-5p: Intensive workshop training 
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* This is a private event, limited to active Moy Yat Kung Fu family. If you plan to attend in person, keep in mind that Coronavirus conditions are expected to still be in place – there may be limitations on gathering size, and requirements for distancing and masks in some contexts. In good weather, portions of the workshop will be held outdoors.

All participants must sign a Coronavirus/Infectious Disease waiver. Do not attend if you are having any symptoms of illness, or have reason to believe you’ve been exposed to Coronavirus or other infection disease. At the event, take sensible precautions for your own health, and for others safety

It is recommended by the CDC and state health authorities that everyone be vaccinated, regardless of attendance at an event where you will be around more people and at higher risk of being exposed, or unknowingly exposing others.

Video: Grandmaster Moy Tung plays Section 6 of the Muk Yan Jong

As an example of the level of Ving Tsun knowledge behind this workshop, check out this video of Grandmaster Moy Tung at Virginia Beach in 2011. His Kung Fu – and that of the students in his lineage – has simply grown deeper since then.